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Thread: "Login Error" - I can't log into my account anymore, help!

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    "Login Error" - I can't log into my account anymore, help!

    Okay guys, we might have a problem here.

    We just discovered that the country selection for international servers seems to be broken.

    The international server registration was accidentally linked to the german one, which means: If you registered on www1 (International) you really didn't. You actually registered on DE1, it was just shown incorrectly on the server selection screen.
    So, your account is on the DE1 server now.

    The obvious follow-up problem is: A lot of players can't even select the DE1 server without changing the language of the game.
    We are currently working on a solution. We probably won't be able to just transfer your accounts, but we do what we can to make everyone happy.

    I will create another thread in the "Technical problems" forum where I will keep you updated, and to collect accounts of everyone affected.

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