Okay, here are the News for our next update on Monday:

- The World Map

In our new world map, you can easily find, visit and check out other players' farms! Your farm will be added to a village, in which you will find all your cooperative collegues, too! If you don't have a cooperative, you will be assigned to a random village without cooperative members to quickly find new friends and maybe new partners. In the village view, you can see every single farm in your village, and new village buildings that will add to the experience by representing your cooperative status and research later on.

Of course, a lot more features will be added along the way, so be excited about what the map will bring you in later updates

- The Home Screen

Our new home screen adds a new layer of information. We will be able to show all players important news and information as soon as it occurs. The home screen will pop up when you log in.

- Bugfixes

As usual, a lot of minor bugfixes and tweaks