Hi Big Farmers,

Here are the changes for the next week update that takes place this time on Wednesday!


Big Prime Day

  • The Big Day is similar to the Prime Day events that take place. Unlike the regular Prime Day the water tank needs more to fill it - but there are greater rewards such as the brand new sunflower seeds, which you can plant in your fields. Just in time for the (finally) beautiful weather!

  • The behavior of all drop-down menus has been reworked and is now hopefully clearer.
  • The individual research trees are different now in the research overview drop down as we added menu icons to quickly tell them apart.

  • If you planted fields, it is now a "plant seeds last used" enter function! A new button in the pullout-circle menu shows you the seed that you have most recently used - thus filling the fields is now even faster.
  • In the manufacture of window processing buildings, a number is now displayed to show the already existing goods in the warehouse when the mouse is moved over the respective goods.
  • The "missions" in the main menu has been revised and divided into two categories, so you can always watch your ongoing missions and cooperative projects. If a mission is running, you will be shown your current place and when an cooperative project runs, you see how much you've already collected. The window for cooperative projects is of course only visible if you find yourself in a cooperative.

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