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Thread: Update 16.07: new orphanage charity drive

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    Update 16.07: new orphanage charity drive

    Dear Big Farmers,

    After a week with no update we will be back next week full of energy. On Monday our next exciting update will take place.

    New Version: Orphanage charity drive!
    As usual Rita will visit you in your farm to inform you about a charity auction in the orphanage. This time there will be though a small change! Every player that makes the minimum donation gets the chance to win a brand new decoration.

    • The event will start at the same time for all players at level 20 or above.
    • For the duration of the event, players can donate cash in order to support the local orphanage.
    • Once the event is finished, Rita will give a decoration to every donor, the happiness of which is determined by the donation of that participant. It will be placed in the drop box but can be placed and built in any farm you choose.
    • There will be three cosmetic variations of the final decorations. The final look depends on the amount that was donated for the decoration and therefore the happiness acheived..
    • Additionally, like in the last event, there will be a ranking. Depending on the ranking position you can win extra happiness points that will be added to the decoration. The top three players will get a slightly different variation for the decoration.

    Buildings: nursery

    • The nursery will have now its own related quests.

    Optimizations and improvements

    • Drops (consumables, equipment, etc.) will now be more visible. They will remain longer on the screen, stay above the tooltip and the quantity earned will be better displayed, so that it is easier for each player to know exactly what they will get.
    • The information about the humus effect in the ring menu has been reworked. The effect will be displayed as 50% extra bonus instead of the former 150%. The same applies to the premium and superhumus effect.
    • In the equipment menu the maximum storage amount of water and breeding seeds will be shown together with the actual amount.
    • During events, the themed temporary products will also be in the farm management menu. This way it will be easier to see the profits and amount of rice, magic beans, etc. you will get before the harvest.

    And, as usual, we have fixed a bunch of bugs. We hope you enjoy these new changes and optimizations. We'd love to hear your thoughts and comments in our discussion thread.

    The Big Farm Team
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    Update: The update will now take place on Tuesday.

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