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Thread: Different levels mixed in the missions...

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    Different levels mixed in the missions...

    I was under the impression that lower levels would not be put in a mission with a substantially higher level player. The lower level players don't have a chance to win, or, even place when they are limited to lesser pig stys, or chicken coops.
    Also, there are players that have maxed out their "Nursery" to level 5 and they have an un-fair advantage over others that only have a level 1 nursery, or no nursery at all.
    All-in-all, There is no fun or motivation to even play missions if you think you won't have a chance to win.
    PLEASE... make the levels catagory more fair. PLEASE
    rwayne @ us 1

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    i feel your pain buddy but the higher ups have basically said that its not their concern how people win advice would be to not even mess with the missions,there too frustrating.
    dragonpride @ us 1

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    I don't reaaly care about the levels but the nursery is a big kick in the back side
    MalikBilal @ WWW 1
    Happy Farming ^^

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