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Thread: cant get back to a farm

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    Sad cant get back to a farm

    How do I get back to a farm i originally started before someone started a new one?
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    Could you explain that a little more? You mean you are looking to get back to your own farm after looking at other farms?
    or do you mean you want to resurrect the farm you once had before you started a new one?
    Or do you mean you were looking at a gourmet farm and can't get back to your main farm?
    or perhaps something else?
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    If someone else is logged into their farm, they need to log out completely using the door icon at the top right of the square menu at the top right of the game screen. Then you will get the log in screen. Log on at the top right, not the middle which starts a new farm. Do not tick 'remember password' if two or more want to use the same computer to access different farms

    PS: It is against the rules for one person to have two farms on the same server. If you share your computer, as an insurance policy, write to Support (Contact Us at the bottom of the page) and tell them you are two people with a farm each. This will forestall any problems that might occur
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