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Thread: Empire Update August 12th 2011

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    Empire Update August 12th 2011

    Dear Empire community,
    finally it's done. Once again we have made many changes with this update in order to optimize the gameplay even further.

    It is now possible to establish alliances. The solitary life is over!

    Strike ends
    The bug of your soldiers has engulfed the mailing lists! Even the servers are now stable.

    Improved communication
    There is now an outgoing and an additional filter for espionage reports.

    In the random banner creation, there is only the best of the best.

    Good Game Empire is now available in English!

    Monetary reform
    The value of 200 was changed to 2500 rubies rubies.

    Deletion of inactive players
    The lords are inactive castles crumble into ruin and eventually completely disappear from the map, so that space for new lords of the castle is. The decay time varies from level to level, and can amount to between seven and 30 days.

    Communication Needs
    Your soldiers are dissatisfied because you no longer have enough food, so they share it with you if they desert. Exactly how many soldiers have left your castle, you can see in the messages.

    New icon in Ringmenu
    You will now jump to defend the keep of your window (or gate, or tower) link.

    - Moved into the tavern in the building menu tab Militay
    - Modified on Quest first tower towers 2 and 3 extensions / Second Quest tower towers reduced to 4 and 4 with no extensions / Third Tower Quest Expansion
    - Corrected dependencies of the Dungeon Quest / Double Dungeon Quest Dungeon Quest Level 7 and always follow now recruiting quest
    - Maximum sword brothers lowered to 17
    - Reduced costs for premium sword brother
    - Increased construction costs of building changed, reduced from Level 5 to Level 5. Construction times are the same
    - Far-reaching changes in the building unlocks and quest related changes
    - Bakery is now a premier building, located Bakery Quest
    - Head count in Quest "Your own princess" reduced by 1, and in quest, "Many enemies, much honor!" increased by 1
    - Quest "Your own Princess II" and "Om nom nom" Nahurng donations decreased to 400/300
    - Quest "Everything has its price" now give XP
    - The Tjostplatz has new values ​​and there is another premium Decoration
    - Reducing units per tower on the wall in Level 1 to Level 3 and decreased in 2 to 6

    We hope that you you just as happy as we want and you enjoy it!


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    Good morning everyone,
    the update is done! Enjoy the alliances. If you get the error massage: "errorCode: 3: MISSING_PARAMETER" just refresh your browser by pushing F5.

    If you attacked someone, make sure that his castle still exist. If not, please pull back your units immidately, otherwise they'll get lost!

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