I have a song regarding the title.I'm not sure if its good or not but i guess its a good way of putting my first thread.It might sound a little out of tune.Well,here it goes:
♫Dont watch the video,it's a bad video,it wants to infect us,inject a virus,turn on your antivirus,and start eliminating,and destroy!It's time to protect your computer,start eliminating PC viruses,and stop crime!But it will take more than an Antivirus to stop virus spreading,so dont visit Lego angry birds interactive on youtube cause this is just a phenomenon.♫.Remember,DO NOT VISIT LEGO ANGRY BIRDS INTERACTIVE ON YOUTUBE BECAUSE IT HAS A VIRUS!!!!Sung to the tune of Pre Vizsla and The death watch Phenomenon: Hope you enjoyed it.This is based on a real expirience.I was playing Lego angry birds interactive on youtube and at the end of my computer session,Avg detected a virus and all was due to that video.Remember,do not visit it for your computer will recieve dire consequences.