When building your empire there are a lot of things to consider and the one main thing to be able to build your empire is resource collection and use and just to make it more complex and interesting the speed of resource collection doesn’t just depend on the amount of buildings that you build to collect the resource but also keeping your citizens happy as well.

Public order is very important and the higher the public order the happier you citizens are and the higher your resource collection is for food, wood and stone. But gold is collected in taxes from your citizens and the amount collected is not governed by public order but by the amount of citizens that you have. The more citizens you have the more gold you will get but the more public order points you will need to keep them happy

The citizens are needed in the game as you tax them and collect gold that you spend on training soldiers to defend your empire and also you must pay the travels expenses for your army to send them to battle and also when you have built the market place you use gold to transport resources to other players in the game and not to forget donations to the alliance that you will be in.

Public order points come from building decorations. The more expense the decoration the more public order points you get from that decoration. Of course, as with any game, the decorations unlock as you level up and the use of them can waste lots of resources or waste lots of space. So some of the smaller decorations give better public order points value per unit of resource used and some of the more expensive and large ones give higher public points for the amount of space used in the castle.

There are two types of decorations. The regular ones bought with wood and stone and then the premium ones bought with rubies.

Wood and stone decorations.

Space used 3*3
Inventory +4
Sign Post +4
Pillory +4
Outhouse +5
Cage +6
Weapons Rack +7
Small Well +8
Witch Well +9
Hanging Cage +10
Carriage +11
Flagpole +12
Hero Statue +13

Space used 3*4
Market Barrows +18
Gallows +19
Marketplace +20
Space Used 4*4
Sundial +28
Theatre +30

Ruby Decorations.

Space used 3*3
Iron Rolland +13

Space used 4*4
Nymph Well +26
Dragon Well +31

Space used 5*5
Dovecote +55

Space used 6*6
Kings Hand +87

Space used 5*10
Gold Knight +128

Space used 6*10
Jousting List +180

So what is the best decoration to use ???
To answer that question there are other questions to be asked and answered first

What level are you on? Not all decorations are available until level 35.

Are you buying Rubies or not? Ruby Decorations are the best to buy but rubies are needed for other things that give other benefits but rubies in the game are not really that easy to get.

Do you have lots of space? When you first start your castle you do have lots of space available but later once your walls are fully expanded you start to run out of space.

Do you have lots or resources on hand? When you start your castle resources are limited by you capacity to build your building and go out raiding.

Once considering all of the above you then need to decide what is best for your situation

The decoration that has best value per unit of resource used is the Inventory at 17.25 units per public point but the space used by it is very poor at 0.4444 per square used. So at the start of the game they are the best to use.

The decoration that has the best value public order points per square of land used is the Theatre at 1.875 public order points per square of land used but the resources used is very high at 122.1333 units of resources per public order point
So you start using this one later in the game when you have plenty of spare resources in your storage.

When you are in the middle stages the best decoration to use is the market barrows
at 95.4444 units of resources used per public order point and 1.5 squares of land used per public order point.
Some people will say that the Gallows give more but it is only an extra 0.083 public order points per square of land used but at an extra of almost 29 units of resources per public order point which is 2.3 units of resources per public order point more then the cost of the theatre

For those who buy lots of rubies.

The decoration that has the best value public order points per ruby used is the jousting list at 24.3055 rubies per public order point and it is also the best for public order points per square of land used at 3 points per square.
But the jousting list is not available until level 35

The Iron Rolland is the first ruby decoration available and it is the most costly per public order point. 67.3076 rubies per public order point

The nymph well is next followed by the dragon well. The nymph well is better on the rubies at 48.0769 rubies per public order point, 7.6 rubies per public order point cheaper then the dragon well. But the dragon well takes up the same space but gives
a extra 0.31 public order points per square of land used.

I the middle stages you will get the Dovecote which is not bad value but wait for the Kings hand at 31.6091 rubies per public order point it is over 9 Rubies per public order point cheaper and also the kings hand is slightly higher value of public order point per square of land used.

Once you get to level 35 and unlock the jousting list you have got it made if you have the rubies. The jousting list give 3 public order points per square of land used. There is no better decoration then that. It is also the best for cost 24.305 rubies per public order point.

Now I can just here people screaming out and saying that I will have to buy rubies to be able to buy even one jousting list and this game is suppose to be free and that it give an unfair advantage to players who buy rubies.
This would be a true statement to make, but how much of an advantage?

Well let us compare the jousting list to the theatre!
The jousting list is 180 public order points and 60 spaces of land
The theatre is 30 public order points and 16 spaces of land
2 Jousting lists = 360 public order points and 120 squares of land
12 theatres = 360 public order points and 192 squares of land
So when you at it up and look at the effect on the resource collection once you are at level 35 and the times or construction of rising the level of your buildings it is not really that much of a advantage because in both situations you will have an excess of resources in which you will proberly donate to the alliance you are in and if you are in a large alliance then you would know that most resources that the alliance gets are not used because of the ruby cost involved to buy the alliance extras.

Also the 4*4 decorations are easier to organize to maximize the use of space. I have found is out through a lot of trail and error and only now after playing is game for 4 months have I just now discovered to best set up for my castle but still I have 6 squares of space I can not use unless I buy another Dovecote and that would not be value for money because I would have to remove 2 theatres and put in the Dovecote and a market place thus removing 60 public order points to be replace with 75 public order points for a cost of 2 250 rubies.

The castle size and buildings size
Your castle is 60*60
The dwelling, farm houses, wood cutter, stone quarry and town houses = 5*5
The barracks, guard houses and taverns = 6*6
The stone mason, the wind mill, the bakery, the saw mill and the market place = 6*9
The defence workshop and siege workshop = 8*10
The estate = 8*8
The keep = 12*12

So starting in the top corner working to the left or right you should have a line of 12 dwellings
Then a line of 8 farm houses + 4 dwellings
Then a line of 8 Wood cutters + 4 dwellings
Then a line of 8 Stone quarries + 4 dwellings
Then a line for the stone mason, bakery, windmill, sawmill and market place arrange length wise to the other lines and then the barracks and headquarters which will leave a space of 3*6 for 2 3*3 decorations
Then the 6 guard houses and 3 taverns
Then the keep and tools shops and estate
The storage just put in a corner
All other areas are for the decorations.
the castle layout.jpg