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    Current Game rules Empire

    Dear players,

    now you can also find all the game rules here in the forum. This will complement our Terms of use and respond in particular to game-specific special cases.

    These rules are supposed to guarantee friendly and fair relations. The execution of the
    respective regulations is in the hand of the Moderators and the community management.

    1. Account
    The owner of an account is always the holder of the e-mail address that was deposited in the account. The user is responsible for his password and the security of its data himself.
    The rightful owner of an e-mail address to which a game account is created, is always in the right to allow the account to be edited or deleted.
    An account may only be played alone at all times. "Account-sitting is not allowed.
    The exchange, giving away or selling of accounts is strictly prohibited.

    2. Multiple accounts
    Each player is allowed to operate only one account per World / network.
    If two or more people usually, occasionally or permanently play by the same
    Internet access (eg schools, universities, Internet cafes or ), it is recommended that this information is told to the support:, if this does not happen there will be a ban for multi accounting.

    3. Bugusing / Scripting
    The gain of an advantage over other players by exploiting a bug in the game is strictly
    prohibited. The use of a program as an interface between player and game is prohibited.
    Any other form of automatically-generated information for malicious advantage of a player winning is also prohibited.

    4. Insults and Spam
    Any kind of insults and spam are prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to hurt the integrity of a person by morally not acceptable content .The moral boundaries within the gaming world are defined and controlled by the Game Team. Content can be censored or players can be banned for violations for a short term and permenently.
    Complaints on this issue will not be processed. In those cases the Game Team has the last word.

    5. Violations of the rules above
    Violations of the rules above, depending on the seriousness are processed with warnings through to a complete Exclusion from the game. The competent Moderators and / or community management decides these cases on the nature and length of imposed sanctions and are also the first contact for questions regarding a sanction.

    6. Exceptions
    Exceptions to these rules, reserves the Community Management of the game at any time. The rules can be modified or superseded for events. The players in question are separately informed.

    The Games Team will be empowered to ban players without cause temporary / permanent of the game. This includes any account, whether it violated one of the above rules or not. It does not make a difference if the player has paid money or not - All players are treated equally.

    Note also that your conduct on any platform of the game (eg game, forum) may result in a time limited or permanent banishment from the entire community and its communication platforms.
    If you believe that you have been blocked for no cause, please contact the appropriate support on the ticket system under

    Yours sincerely,

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