Greetings Community,

As you have probably already noticed there is currently some confusion caused by the display in the spy reports. We want to take this time to explain this further and how you can handle yourself, until we have adjusted the feature accordingly. It primarily involves espionage and preparation against nomad camps in the invasion event, but it can also be adapted to player attacks or other NPC attacks.

Currently the military espionage shows, next to the number of troops and the Castellan bonuses, only the tools from a single wave and not the tools of all possible attack waves.
This has the effect that you encounter other tools in an attack on a 100% basis spy in the second, third and fourth wave that were not displayed in the numbers on the report.

The result is that not enough troops and too few tools are sent to the battle since you expected less tools at defenders. This results in very high losses of troops and tools - in the worst case, a lost battle.

So that you may what tools are to be expected on the basis of a 100% spy on the enemy, you need to consider the following:

  • The tools for defenders do not change from wave to wave.
  • Thus, you have to account for the tools of the tools shown on the spy report in each slot and not only in the first wave.

The spy shows is left and right middle 1x throwing stones and middle 1x fire arrows.
You must now calculate these tools for each wave. With a maximum of four waves the total of all waves is 4x throwing stone left and right, with 4x fire arrows in the middle.

We know that the spy reports, as they are now, are not optimal. Therefore, we will change the spy reports again. This will happen in an upcoming update.

We apologise for the confusion. We hope that this explanation will help you get better results. The change will be announced once it's ready.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Your Empire Team