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Thread: Attack Strategy

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    Attack Strategy

    Can someone explain what is the difference in the battle of attack strategy ?
    What is attack and what is defence unit in this context ?

    As example I am attacking castle with following lineup:
    Front: macemans and crossbowmens
    Left and Right: Spearmans

    What the difference will be between selecting strageties ?

    Thanks for explanation.
    2mas @ GG 1

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    Generally, keep your defense guys at home (spearman, bowman, archer). Send mace, sword, and crossbow to attack. Now it gets complicated, and I'm still learning. Spearman don't do we'll against ranged, so send crossbow at them. When robbers use maceman as defense, their weakness is melee, so send swordsman or maceman. That the simple answer.
    Complicated answer is,,, maceman as a defense unit has a strength of 4 against melee and 23 against ranged. An attacking maceman has a strength of 38 against melee. You can find the info by pressing the soldiers picture. I wrote the info on paper so it was less complicated.
    Send crossbows on the sides, plenty of swordsman to the front if you have them, otherwise a combo of maceman and crossbow.
    Hope this helps!
    The Millers @ GG 1

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    Hi Milllers,

    Thanks for reply, but initial question was how attacking strategy (which you can choose before the attack) affects the battle.

    Talking about the attack itself:
    Well couple of times I've tried to attack macemans with spearmans , and it went very well - No losses at all. So I presume that attack is not so important for spearmans as their defence wins against maceman attacks?
    Also had an awkward moment when I've attacked 20 crossbows with 20 macemans or something close to that. Result was defeat which is really interesting. As Crossbows are good at defence on figthers, and macemans are good at defence on range. Result was that one crossbow man survived.

    So I guess we will have to learn how to attack till 100 level
    2mas @ GG 1

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    Wonder if anyone can help.... I have just earned 'the conquerer' title so have unlocked melee kings guard troops and wondered if I sent an attack of 1040 with all melee troops in would I do damage? Or suffer due to lack of ranged troops? My commander has a +125% melee strength boost as well
    bbradcole1994 @ GG 1

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    Guys there are just to many other factors to go along with attacking and defending... The one thing I notice in the above statements/questions are there is no mention of attack tools... Soilders stationed along the walls are given a defense bonus due to the wall.. Then defensive wall tools are placed on the wall to further increase this wall bonus.. This is how defenders are able to overcome being outnumbered... Just an example: where 200 defense troops can hold out aginist 600 attackers.,..

    As far as strategy goes ... Always spy first ... If the flank has all ranger defenders then you want to send melee attack troops
    If the flank has all melee defenders, you want to send rangers
    (Attack troops are called blues and your defense units are called greens and browns)
    Only the lvl 1 attack troops (maceman & crossbow man) have decent defense stats .. This was changed in the last update .. These attack units did not have good defense stats before ... But rule #1 is that you never send greens on an attack and you never defend with blues..
    Once you begin recruiting the next lvl units you will see the different if they are used in a role that they were not intented for....I hope this helps
    gypsydog78 @ GG 1
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    Spying is fine and always a good idea...but don't trust the defender to remain static. I always adjust my D based on the attack that is coming as well as the commander leading said attack. In other words, my final configuration and troop counts are never what the attacker saw when spying. Build strong attacks that can get through any reasonably expected defense configuration.
    Haleorian @ GG 2

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