Hello Gangsters!

We would like to share a very important change with you: After 2 successful years with all of you, Goodgame Mafia will now be Goodgame Gangster!

Unfortunately there is a risk of confusion with the term and the name Mafia, simply because other games exist, with the name. Due to a request from another game company, we decided to use another name for the game in the future. After an in-house competition regarding the name choice, we came up with GANGSTER. We are very sorry that we could not include all of you in the choosing of the name, but it would have been too complex. Our apologies, that we are just now announcing this change, but we decided to announce a bit earlier than originally planned.

Soon you will no longer be Mafiosi, rather a very dangerous gangster!!!! We know that getting accustomed to a new name will not be so easy for everyone, but the content of the game remains the same. We hope, that you all remains faithful even under the title Goodgame Gangster!

Your Goodgame Gangster-Team